Winter Morning Routine



There are two things on the Internet that I'm obsessed with right now: 1.) the BuzzFeed cooking tutorials, and 2.) those popular YouTube bloggers' "skincare routine!" videos. Here and here are some good examples, if you want to watch! A few of my friends have recently been asking about my natural skincare routine, and I figured this would be a good way to tell you about it...since I don't have a YouTube channel (yet?! who knows...). Here we go! 

5:40 AM - my first alarm goes off...and then five more go off every minute after that. I've found that this is the best way for me to wake up (and not lay there looking at my phone). Then I make my bed and lightly wash off any leftover spot treatment/face mask from the night before. I save the real face-washing stuff for after my workout. 

6:00 AM - I drink a ton of water, put my exercise clothes & gigantic coat on, and then I'm out the door & on the way to the gym!



















7:15-ish AM - Once home from the gym, I brush my teeth and get in the shower. The first thing I do is put my favorite face wash (raw honey) all over my face, and I leave it there until the end of the shower when I rinse it off. I use Alba Botanica shampoo & conditioner and coconut milk body wash.

















7:30ish AM - After I shower, I pat my face until it's damp (but not totally dry). Then, I use my new OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream to moisturize my face. I've noticed that my face absorbs the lotion much better when it's a little damp! I only got this cream a little while ago, and it's seriously magical. It keeps my face moisturized (but not oily) all day long, and it protects it from the dry air! It has shea butter in it, which has actually been wonderful for my combination skin. Then I ring my hair out in my handy-dandy Turbie Towel , and put in a drop of Moroccan Argan Oil in the ends of my hair. This stuff makes my hair so much softer and moisturized (basically like I just went to the hair salon). Then I dry my hair, put on deodorant, brush my hair, and put on the outfit that I had picked out night before. 













7:50 AM - I meal prep on Sundays, so my lunch and breakfast are already made - this is a HUGE time saver in the early mornings! I pack those Tupperware together in my little lululemon food bag, and I also pack a snack in my backpack (which is usually a Go Go Squeez Pack). 

8:00ish AM - I do my hair in some quick little bobby pin/half pony tail thing, and then I put on some makeup. Right now, I use four to five products, in this order: Mary Kay Oil-Free SPF 15 Primer, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup (in "buff"), Maybelline Loose Powder (in "light"), and Maybelline FitMe! blush. About once or twice a week, I wear mascara and a little golden-toned eye shadow, but most days I just don't feel like it. 

8:15 AM - And I'm running out the door again...with my head phones in, lunchbox in one hand and subway pass in the other, hoping that I can hop on the T as it rolls in so I can get to work and EAT. MY. BREAKFAST (because that's all that mornings are really about, right?!).