Sunday Grocery Haul: Stop & Shop

Hey friends! This week, my food haul is from Stop & Shop, and I wanted to show you what I picked up. Here we go!  IMG_3275

1.) Raspberries 

2.) Blueberries

 3.) Lean ground turkey. I really love the Nature's Promise brand at Stop & Shop! 

4.) Truvia. It felt a little weird to be buying this. I've never purchased Stevia/Truvia/any of these zero-calorie sweeteners before, but I used a about 1/2 teaspoon in my black coffee at work the other day and loved it. I put a little in my overnight oats for this week! 

5.) Chicken breast from Nature's Promise. These come in little 4 ounce packets, so they're perfect! 

6.) Almond Breeze usweetened vanilla almond milk. I get the little boxes instead of the 64 ounce ones...because there isn't enough space in our fridge to fit the big sized cartons. 

7.) Dole Coleslaw mix. All it is is shredded cabbage + carrots. I love tossing this into salads. 

8.) GIGANTIC bag of kale. This bag was able to make 5 lunches and 5 dinners. Amazing. 

9.) 5 fuji apples 

10.) 3 bartlett pears 

11.) Avocado halves. I usually buy the regular avocados that aren't already pre-sliced, but all of the ones at Stop & Shop felt like rocks. Not good. I wanted one that was ready to be used today (for that creamy avocado dressing which came out wonderfully!) 

12.) Raw creamed honey 

13.) Brussels sprouts 

14.) Dry roasted almonds. Got these to make my trail mix :) 

15.) Organic unsweetened applesauce. I love putting this in my overnight oats! 

16.) Fresh basil. I whipped up some pesto with this fresh basil today -- so yum.