Pilates & Cameras

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Good morning beautiful people! This morning, I did a workout video from PopSugar. Guys. That website is actually amazing. Wow! I did one of their 30-minute "classes", and it was so hard. It was a Pilates, weights, and cardio class taught by Lisa from Burn SF. That's a workout studio that, if I lived in the Bay area, I'd go to all of the time. You can grab the killer workout here

Breakfast is peanut butter overnight oats from @minimalistbaker (I love their blog!). I subbed in almond butter for PB; next time, I think I'll use a sweetener like the recipe calls for. I didn't because I didn't think it would need any, but it definitely would have been just a smiiidge tastier if I had used brown sugar or some maple syrup. 

Yesterday I took a little Instagram break, & it felt good to step away from social in order to focus on what is truly important - enjoying the present moments. I did miss the sweet community on here, though! You all are the best. Also yesterday...I broke open this new baby that I have been saving up for: a Canon T5i Rebel + 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens (no sponsorship involved). I did a bunch of research before purchasing anything, and so far, I am

Now I am off to read the Canon manual and figure out more camera STUFF. I hope you all have the best of Wednesdays!