HIIT treadmill workout


Welcome to HIIT!! High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, is amazing for our bodies - I like to think of it as the type workout that really flexes and strengthens my heart muscle :) Read about the benefits of this type of workout here, here, and here.  One of the most convinient ways that I love to get my HIIT in during the week is THIS exact exercise routine. It involves one single machine, zero extra equipment, and 45 minutes (or less), of your time :)

I like to do my HIIT in the form of running on the  treadmill (except for when my knee bothers me - then it's a no-go!), BUT this workout can absolutely be done on the elliptical, spin bike, in power walking style, or outside on a track. Let's get to work!!

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HIIT Treadmill workout picture