The Whole30: Favorite Recipes + Breakfast Ideas | Dear Hannah


Dear Hannah,  I’m considering doing the Whole30; I feel like I just need a change/reset in my diet and healthy lifestyle.Do you have any favorite recipes from when you did the Whole30?

And what did you for breakfast, especially when you were in a rush in the morning? I want something easy that I can take to class with me. 



Hi there, 

Thanks so much for writing in. I totally get the feeling of wanting to reset, and I think the Whole30 is an excellent way to do that. As for favorite recipes, here are a bunch of links to some of my go-to, Whole30-approved meals: 

Frittata Muffins 

Emily's Chia Seed Pudding 

Apple Butternut Soup

Kaluha Pork 

Cracklin' Chicken  

How to make spaghetti squash 

Garlic Sweet Potato Strips

Apple & Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

 Ranch Dressing 

Dear Hannah | Whole30 Recipe Ideas

Additionally, I draw a lot of inspiration for paleo + Whole30 meals from specific Instagram accounts that focus on eating real food. Here’s that list: 


@whole30recipes - new recipes every day! 

@melissa_hartwig - Whole30 co-founder / overall badass 






Apple & Balsamic Brussels Sprouts



NOW, let’s talk breakfast. When I am not in a rush (re: on the weekends), I make crispy fried eggs with a banana + almond butter, or do a single-serving frittata with some leftover protein (such as ground beef), kale, sweet potatoes, and rosemary. 

If I was in a rush or on the way to class, I'll do chia seed pudding (make it the night before), or an Aidell’s chicken sausage with some fruit on the side, or a Larabar (or an RXBAR) + piece of a fruit, OR nut butter + fruit. You've got options! 

If you’re into meal-prepping, I recommend egg cups. You can make these frittata egg cups, or prosciutto wrapped ones. They are a savory, delicious breakfast option, yet they don’t require any of the grind work on a Monday morning before chem lab. 

When you’re in a pinch, try to think about what the easiest, no-cook meal could be based on the the ingredients you have on-hand. 

I hope this helps; have a wonderful day!



PS: For any of you who’d like to know more about the Whole30 Program, go here. I highly recommend reading their book, It Starts With Food. Check it out here