#039: How To Separate Exercise from Body Size

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Even if you’re feeling a-okay with your body before you get to the gym, it can be tough to navigate the appearance-focused marketing and posters once you get there. You were just trying to get some movement in - you didn’t want to see that poster about fat-burning and post-workout snacks! Gym culture thrives off of making people feel insecure about their bodies. Gyms believe that in order to get people to spend money on fitness, they have to promise body change. But research tells us that this body change isn’t possible! Luckily, there are other reasons that people exercise than just body change. And in fact, these gyms can make money in the industry without ever promising these things at all.

In this episode, we identify problematic messaging and marketing that we see in gyms and talk about the benefits of exercise outside of body appearance and size. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we loved recording it.

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Question answered: Why might it not be a good thing to dedicate more of your mental space to food?

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