#037: Redefining Fitness with Caitie Corradino

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Caitie is the founder of F.I.T.4all, a community organization that works to bring accessible and holistic fitness to all communities and all bodies. She’s also an overall BADASS and incredible human being. Former boutique fitness instructor and current community-focused fitness instructor, Caitie talks with Hannah and Holly in this episode about relationships with our bodies, with exercise, and with our definitions of fitness overall.

Right now, Caitie is part of a graduate program for nutrition at NYU, works at an eating disorders treatment center, runs F.I.T.4all with the help of her team, and teaches various forms of fitness on the side. She does all of these things with a Health At Every Size lens, practices intuitive eating, and consistently advocates for self care.

In this episode, she shares her perspective on how fitness can be more inclusive and positive. She also talks about how her own relationship with food and exercise has evolved over time to better serve her.

You can find Caitie at @caitie.did on Instagram; find F.I.T.4all at www.fit4all.org and at @f.i.t.4all on Instagram.

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Question answered: I’ve had to follow a pretty strict protocol for digestive issues, and as time goes on, I feel myself hyperfocusing on food and eating because I feel restricted. I know I need to do what’s best for my health, but how do I go about keeping myself in a healthy, positive mindset while also doing what’s best for my body?

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