#036: Dieting is a Coping Mechanism

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Here’s the truth: Holly and Hannah are are both ex-dieters. And if you’re listening to this podcast, it’s probable that you’re either trying to stop dieting, or still are. In our paths to recovery, we’ve realized something: it makes TOTAL sense that we used to diet because at one point, diets were actually helpful to us. They were a coping mechanism that we turned to when we needed one. Now that our days of dieting have ceased, we’ve gone through (and are still very much going through) a transformational change in mindset. Instead of judging our past selves and the people we know now for dieting, we adopted a more compassionate perspective. Dieting was once a part of our lives for a reason. And that’s A-okay.

If you’re a dieter, dieting serves (or served) a purpose for you. It helped you through; for many, dieting serves as a coping mechanism for the stressors of everyday life. In this episode, we talk through the ways in which dieting can be used as a way to cope with negative emotions, alleviate discomfort, and altogether make you feel safer in a fatphobic world. We also discuss the ways that dieting fails to function as a reliable coping mechanism, myths about emotional eating, and soooo much more! Whether you’re brand-new to NBR, or you’ve been a listener for the past several months, this is definitely an important episode to tune into. We thank you SO much for your time!

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Question answered: I’m having trouble ditching the idea of eating at certain times. I have this notion in my head that after I eat I meal I can’t be hungry and can only eat a number of hours afterwards. Any advice on how to ditch this mentality?

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