#035: Kids Don’t Need to Watch Their Weight

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Weight Watchers recently revealed their marketing plan to offer their program free for teens this summer. This got us thinking about how much of OUR relationships with food were affected by exposure to diet culture at a young age. Anti-obesity campaigns, lack of body representation at school, being weighed at school, learning restrictive nutrition… It’s no wonder we strayed from intuitive eating! Did you know that 81 percent of ten year olds are afraid of being fat? That’s WILD! Weight Watchers - or any form of dieting - doesn’t belong on a child’s agenda, ever. There is another way to talk to kids about food and weight. In this episode, we talk about the risks of these programs for kids, our own experiences as children, more productive ways to talk about health with children, and so much more.

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Question: My close friends are high off their New Year’s diets, and I always hear them talk about their "healthy" dinners and diet culture talk in general. Yesterday, I came home from the store with Pop Tarts and my roommate made a big deal out of it, saying, "Wow this is so unlike you!!" How do you suggest I react/respond to all this?

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