#021: When Did 'Healthy' Get So Exclusive?

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Hello, lovely listeners! This is maybe our most exciting episode yet. We have our first guest on the podcast - Clare, AKA @becomingbodypositive on Instagram. Clare is WOKE, insightful, and empowering to listen to. Recording this episode with her put us in the BEST mood for our week. We hope you all feel the same! We talk about:

-Rethinking what ‘healthy’ really means

-Introducing body diversity to the wellness space

-Recovering from dieting within diet culture

-Transitioning into a true anti-diet perspective

-Fitness trackers

-And SO much more!

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Question answered this week: What do I say to a good friend whose comments about food and fitness upset me?

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Resources mentioned:

Health At Every Size

Isabel Foxen Duke

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Melissa Toler’s blog http://www.melissatoler.com

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