My name is Hannah! I eat gluten and chocolate and drink coffee and wine; I exercise when I feel like moving, but I don't stick to a strict routine. This blog used to be a space where I talked about my restrictive diet and regimented exercise schedule; now, those things are no longer a part of my existence.  Learning to let myself just live my 21-year-old life, without worrying about my food intake, weight, and aesthetics, has been the most freeing thing I've ever done. 

In no way am I perfect at all that yet, but I now truly find happiness in making banana bread, podcasting with my co-host Holly, laughing, shopping for home décor, and spending time with the ones I love. If you're a college student, nice to meet you; I am, too! I go to Northeastern University in Boston -- anyone else? 


Here, I offer to you an anti-diet approach to health & fitness...with a big scoop of dessert recipes, productivity tips, and stories about my personal life as a college student who's breaking up with dieting and "clean" eating in an effort to find a normal, chill relationship with food. 

My goal with this whole thing?

To create a happy, honest platform for you to pursue a healthy life in a freeing, enjoyable way. Through personal and others' experiences, I've realized that the majority of the mainstream health industry is a complete facade. So much of what is out there today is designed to make us feel like we are not "good enough" yet, and that the only way to be "worthy" and look "good" is to eat X foods or purchase Y program. 

This, my friend, is bull-shit. You don't need to only eat certain food groups and count calories or macros in order for your diet to be "healthy". You do not have to stick to a rigid exercise program if you don't feel like it. Your weight and how your body looks in no way define your health. Be proud of yourself, take care of yourself, and know that you are fully capable and worthy, right here, right now. Don't let social media and the mainstream fitness industry tell you otherwise. 

Thank you so much for joining me in this corner of the Internet world! I hope you'll stay for some laughs, chocolate almond butter cups, weekly emails, and self-love advice