Hi there! 

My name is Hannah, and I'm a grocery store aficionado, kale eater, yogi, and chocoholic. I find happiness in writing, making banana bread, laughing, and spending time with the ones I love. If you're a college student, nice to meet you; I am, too! I go to Northeastern University in Boston...but, well, right now, I'm pursuing my dream of living in the San Francisco Bay Area while interning for a tech company. It's been such an incredible journey to be out here on the West Coast. 

Thanks to this space on the Internet, I offer to you clean recipes, honesty surrounding fitness, academic and productivity tips, beauty product reviews, and wellness advice in order to create an genuine, authentic platform for you to pursue health in an enjoyable way. Through personal and others' experiences, I've realized that the majority of the mainstream health & fitness industry is a complete facade. So much of what is out there today is designed to belittle girls and women, making them feel like they are not "good enough" yet, and in order to get better, they need to eat X foods or purchase Y program in order to truly be "worthy". 

This, my friends, is bull-shit. You do not need to lift 2-lb. weights at the gym because anything heavier will make you 'bulky' (it won't). You don't need to only eat certain food groups in order for your diet to be healthy. Your weight does not define your health. Be proud of yourself, take care of yourself, and know that you are fully capable and worthy, right here, right now. Don't let social media and the mainstream fitness industry tell you otherwise. 

Thank you so much for joining me in this corner of the Internet world! I hope you'll stay for some laughs, chocolate almond butter cups, meditation tips, and self-love advice