XOXO: An Ode to Valentine's Day


Everyone has a different take on Valentine’s Day. For me, ever since I was in high school, Valentine’s Day has been the Ultimate Hannah Day of Self-Care. Who is surprised? Each year, it does not matter what the current relationship status is — February 14 is my day to practice love, and since *self*-love is among the most beautiful, vital forms of that, this is what I choose to focus on and enjoy. 

Also, I hope that this can serve as a Public Service Announcement -- Valentine's Day, is, as much as social media would like you to believe, absolutely 100% NOT the day to hate on yourself for not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether you are romantically involved with another human being at the current time or not, realize that you already, always & forever, have a special someone. That someone is yourself. The relationship that you have with yourself is the longest relationship that you will ever be in, so you better treat it damn well. Act accordingly -- love, respect, and cherish your mind, body, and soul because they are beautiful temples. 

Anyways. So tomorrow, I plan to eat some type of chocolate-infused breakfast, and when I get home from work…take myself to CorePower Yoga for my favorite C2 class, read Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back (it’s absolutely incredible), and not spend an ounce of time of social media

With this, no matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to do something kind for yourself. Remember that you are worthy of the best love. I adore you all more than pumpkin bread and chocolate and almond butter. Happy, happy early Valentine’s Day to you; XOXO!!