Why you don’t need to work off the dessert you just ate.

For years, our subconscious minds have been berated by the diet mentality; this part of our brains will tell us that it’s unacceptable to indulge, that we are undeserving, and that we should not enjoy dessert. The diet industry offers a plethora of reasons for this -- some of the recent, top ones being: sugar is 'dangerous'; we should be 'burning fat'; we should only eat these certain foods to 'lose weight'.

Dear friend, I encourage you remind yourself that you actually, totally can eat dessert whenever the hell you feel like it because the diet industry is full of shit. 

The Truth About My Paleo Diet Experience.

Starting in January of my freshman year in college and continuing to December of my sophomore year, I was a dictator over my own consumption of food. I banned gluten, all gluten-free grains, highly processed oils, dairy, fried products, refined sugars, and all dessert except for 100% dark chocolate. (Yep, that type of bar actually exists. And it is bitter). I preached to anyone who would listen about why grains were “bad for me” and why I would never, ever eat them again. 

Why I'll Never Weigh Myself at the Gym Again

You've achieved your goal from the night before to get up and go to the gym first thing in the morning. You pushed yourself during your workout, you became out of breath, your heart was working its hardest, and even though you are super sweaty now, you feel amazing. Alive. Proud. Awake. However, depending on the number that will flash in front of you on the gray, cold machine in two seconds, your entire day will be altered. You'll either feel good (but not where we want to be just yet), or instantly upset. All it takes is one number. One indication of your gravitational pull to the Earth. 

Let's Talk Time Management

YAS, of course I have an alarm that goes off telling me to get ready for bed. I like to go to bed around 10/10:30PM, and I need time to unwind before sleeping. I've found my system, and I stick to it. 

Seven Tips for a Productive Workspace

It can be easy to get lost in your workspace and find yourself operating less productively than you want to be. Here are some tips that I've learned along the way that have helped me to focus and work better. 

XOXO: An Ode to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, is, as much as social media would like you to believe, absolutely 100% NOT the day to hate on yourself for not having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether you are romantically involved with another human being at the current time or not, realize that you already, always & forever, have a special someone. That someone is yourself. The relationship that you have with yourself is the longest relationship that you will ever be in, so you better treat it damn well. 

Take Yourself on a Three-Hour Vacation

With tests and papers, club requirements, and social commitments piling up this week, I decided to take a three-hour vacation from everything this morning. No studying, no checking Facebook, no responding to emails, no Instagram-ing, and definitely no answering to any external, extracurricular obligations that do not serve me in the present moment.