A roundup of my favorite podcasts, organized by theme. 

One of the questions that I get frequently is: “what are your favorite podcasts to listen to?”. This is such a good ask! 

Rather than just listing my favorite podcast shows, though, I want to point you directly to the best episodes that I've listened to in recent years. Some of these are two years old, while others are new on iTunes as of a week ago. In my opinion, the episodes below capture the essence of the podcast that they’re aired on. I keep these episode in the “Saved” section of the Podcasts app on my iPhone, and I’ve listened to almost all of them twice. They are chalk-full of insightful, inspirational information, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy them!

I hope that this this post can be one that you can refer back to now & again when you need some advice on quality episodes to listen to. All of the shows have links attached, so you can click on one and tune in right away, if you want to. I genuinely love the hosts of these podcasts, the topics they address, the guests, and the honest conversations they have!

Where do i listen to podcasts? 

 For iPhone people, you can listen to podcasts via the Apple Podcasts app (it's purple, and it's pre-downloaded onto your phone). For all others, check out Pocket Casts, or just listen by going to the podcaster's website / SoundCloud. 

Body Positivity, Intuitive Eating, and Eating Disorder Recovery

The Paleo Women Podcast - #027 and #028: How to Love Your Body (Part 1 and Part 2// I think that these episodes are SO important.  



Food Pysch - #98: How to Rediscover the Joy in Food and Movement with Kylie Mitchell

Food Psych - #73: The Truth about Emotional Eating with Isabel Foxen Duke

The Paleo Women Podcast - #095: Body Image and Acceptance, Fasting, & B12 and Veganism

Fearless Rebelle Radio with Summer Innanen - #83: Why Diets Don't Work // this episode...insanely eye-opening for me. Holy shit! 

Real Talk Radio - Season 10: Virgie Tovar on Fatphobia, Self-Love, and The History of Diet Culture

Food Psych - #103: Social Justice and Racism in the Body-Positive Movement with Gloria Lucas

Gut Health



Women’s Health, Fitness, Hormones, and Nutrition

Alright, this section gets special treatment.

A new episode of The Paleo Women Podcast has come out every Tuesday since 2015, and I haven’t missed one since #001. I LOVE the way that the co-hosts, Stefani Ruper and Noelle Tarr (Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) offer holistic health information for women.



I am not strict Paleo any longer in any way (read why here), and these women don’t talk religiously about Paleo as their show name would suggest. They answer listener questions about sex, fitness, hormones, food, & body image during the episodes – their responses are honest, refreshing, trustworthy, and informative. Below, I’ve listed their best episodes – I have learned so much about holistic health, body image and women’s hormones from these two incredibly brilliant, hard-working ladies. I can’t say enough about this podcast….or maybe I just did. I recommend the show to you ALL. Seriously. Give it a listen!!

PS: Stefani and Noelle often do their own “life update” for listeners who are interested during the first 10-15 minutes of each episode. If you don’t care about their updates, just skip ahead to when they answer nutrition, fitness, and hormone questions. 

#035: Anxiety, Stress, and IBS, Dealing with Negativity, & Acne During Pregnancy

#097: Disordered Eating and Restrictive Diets, Boosting Your Immune System, & Digestive Issues on Paleo

#010: Body Shaming, Transitioning Off Hormonal Birth Control, & Water Intake Controversy

#033: Body Image and Social Media, Supplement Timing, & Bloating After Eating

#052: The Sugar and Carb Addiction Discussion

#066: Balancing Hormones, Emotional Eating and Anxiety, & Standards of Beauty

OKAY I’M DONE (for now) / good job for getting through this section / I APPRECIATE YOU FOR READING xo

Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Being a Badass/Unicorn/Boss

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso – Brit Morin, Founder & CEO Brit + Co



Feminism and gender equality 

TEDTalks (Audio): Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We should all be feminists you can listen to this episode via the TedTalks Audio podcast, or watch the video on the TED website

Real Talk Radio - Season 10: Virgie Tovar on Fatphobia, Self-Love, and The History of Diet Culture

Being Happy, Healthy, & Well as a Millennial Woman



Ideas for when to tune-in to podcasts:

  • Sitting in a moving vehicle

  • Flying 39,000 in the air (download a few episodes before you have to turn on Airplane Mode!)

  • On walk with your chubby dog
  • On a walk with the queen -- yourself!!
  • While you’re carrying heavy AF bags home from the grocery store  
  • On a cardio machine. But if you’re on one of these things, I sure hope you’re enjoying yourself...and if you’re not, will you get off? Pleaaaase? Your life is too precious for unhappy elliptical sessions.
  • While you’re baking Japanese sweet potatoes and/or banana bread
  • While you’re shopping for almond butter at Trader Joe’s or workout clothes at Target
  • Putting makeup and clothes on before leaving the house for the day (if you are someone who chooses to wear clothing)
  • Cleaning the bathroom with Clorox. That shit smells like victory.
  • While you’re home alone (and don’t jive with being home alone)
  • While you’re doing handstands against the wall in your living room. This might just be a Hannah thing…or not? You do it too? Let me know, thanks.

So there's that! 

If you have any podcast recommendations, I want to hear them! I love discovering new episodes and shows to listen to during my walks and my commutes to & from work.

As always, thank you for reading! Talk soon, I'm sure.