A roundup of my favorite podcasts, organized by theme. 

One of the questions that I get frequently is: “what are your favorite podcasts to listen to?”. This is such a good ask! 

Here, I want to point you directly to the best pod episodes that I've listened to in recent days/months/years. Some of these are two years old, while others are new on Apple Podcasts as of a week ago. 

I hope that this post can be one you refer back to now & again when you need some pod inspo. All of the shows have links attached, so you can click on one and tune in right away. I genuinely love the hosts of these podcasts, the topics they address, the guests, and the honest conversations they have! 

Where do I listen to podcasts? 

For iPhone people, you can listen to podcasts via the Apple Podcasts app (it's purple, and it's pre-downloaded onto your phone). For all others, check out Pocket Casts, Sticher, or just listen by going to the podcaster's website. 

Stories, Humor, & Thought-Provoking Ideas 

 Source: This American Life 

Source: This American Life 

This American Life - #589: Tell Me I'm Fat // every episode of this show is captivating  

This American Life - #588: Mind Games 2016

TED Radio Hour - any episode! 

Reply All - #102 and #103: Long Distance (Part 1 and Part 2

Reply All - #109: Is Facebook Spying on You? 

The Moth - Radio Hour: Oreo, Heaven, and America's Most Wanted

The Moth - On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

Body Acceptance, Intuitive Eating, Health At Every Size, & Disordered Eating Recovery

Politics & Current Events  

Up First - any episode // this is my way of staying up-to-date with current events! it's a daily, 12-ish minute summary of the day's news produced by NPR. I love how concise the episodes are and how informed I feel after tuning in while getting ready in the mornings. 

Pod Save America - The perpetual bullshit machine.

Pod Save The World - Infiltrating Al Qaeda

Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, & Being a Badass/Unicorn/Bosswoman

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso – Brit Morin, Founder & CEO Brit + Co



Being Happy & Well as a Millennial Woman

The Lively Show - #171: How to Get out of Fear and Back into Flow + Alignment with Gabby Bernstein

Ideas for when to tune-in to podcasts:

  • In the car

  • On a plane (download a few episodes before you have to turn on Airplane Mode!)

  • On walk with your dog or yourself 
  • Carrying heavy bags home from the grocery store  
  • Baking and cooking  
  • Getting ready for the day
  • Cleaning your room/apartment  
  • When you're home alone
  • Coloring, painting, or making pottery