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Salted Chocolate Pretzel Bites

They're a lazier rendition of my chocolate PB cups, and they're kind of (but not really) shaped like peanut butter cream eggs because I'm in the Easter spirit this weekend. I decided to stir in the pretzel pieces at the last minute, and I'm glad I did -- they add a fun little salt and crunch. This dessert/treat/whatever you want it to be is super simple to whip up -- it took me veeryyy minimal time. I think you'll really enjoy them; my family and I are definitely loving 'em. 

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Pie (Restriction-free, Happy-filled)

This pie is a huge homage to food freedom for us all -- most especially, food freedom at this time of year. Diet talk surrounds us nonstop, and, if we let it, it can easily distort our perception of food, our bodies, and what we "need" to be doing as repentance once these holidays are over. In past years, I've even seen big-name diet 'gurus' encourage their fans to "eat really clean" in between the November and December festivities, which, at this point in my food freedom escapade, kind of blows my mind. Eat clean? Restrict oneself in between Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukkah? That sounds like a lot of deprivation and dieting and no fun to me. 

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This post is not gluten-free.

 I had this nasty attitude towards bread that not only annoyed me after a while, but my family + friends, too. After becoming much too invested in Paleo dieting, I announced that I'd never eat bread again because it was 'bad for me' and 'didn't make me feel well'. Over the last year, I've learned that my original 'I can't have bread' excuses are complete lies, and they're humorous to me now. 

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