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Avocado, Bacon, & Egg Bowl

But before I go pack, we need to discuss this breakfast situation right here. Savory, filling, and packed with taste, this avocado & bacon bowl is definitely my kind of dreamy weekend brunch. My big Emma & I made this a couple weeks ago for a Sunday morning breakfast, and we both could not get over how good it was. The sauce on top of the sweet potatoes + egg added such a fun flavor, too! 

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This post is not gluten-free.

 I had this nasty attitude towards bread that not only annoyed me after a while, but my family + friends, too. After becoming much too invested in Paleo dieting, I announced that I'd never eat bread again because it was 'bad for me' and 'didn't make me feel well'. Over the last year, I've learned that my original 'I can't have bread' excuses are complete lies, and they're humorous to me now. 

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