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Dear Hannah,  I've never been a big podcast listener, but I want to get into them more. What are your favorite podcasts? I'm hoping to find ones that focus mainly on lifestyle and career advice. 

Thanks,   Anonymous 

Dear Hannah, what are your fave podcasts?


OKAY. I love this question!! I started getting really into podcasts my freshman year of college; since then, they have honestly changed my life. Now, when I'm commuting on the T, taking a walk by myself, or driving, I can be absorbing information that is totally free and extremely influential. The majority of what I've learned about confidence, business, personal finances, positive self-talk, self-love, real food nutrition, hormones, and skincare has come from podcasts. Here are my current top five: 

1.) The Lively Show by Jess Lively

Jess is an uplifting, chicly spiritual person. She typically conducts interviews with leading business professionals, life coaches, motivational speakers, and wellness specialists. Recently, though, the episodes that I've enjoyed the most are her "Lively Adventures", where she documents the intuition-based journey she's currently on. She sold her house & furnitureand is now living from one Airbnb to the next in various cities across the world, allowing her intuition to guide her on where she should go next and where she will eventually settle down. I love listening to someone who's so wise, yet super relatable, speak about such an exciting experience. She inspires me to listen to my gut more and practice the concept of flow. 

 2.) Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Each badass woman that Sophia, founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal, interviews is better than the next. These episodes seriously motivate me to go out into the world, achieve great things, and be powerful. The show will make you feel like such a girl boss (and make you want to become an even better one) every time you listen. 

3.) The Chalene Show

Chalene is a mom, fitness entrepreneur, and New York Times Best Selling Author. She offers some of the best advice I've ever received about self-confidence, personal success, fitness, and letting go of people and places in your life that don't serve you. Some of her episodes surround family matters (that are targeted for parents), but since she has hundreds of episodes, you can easily skip around to the ones that interest you. 

4.) So Money with Farnoosh Torabi 

This is a newer podcast for me, but Farnoosh has already taught me more than I've ever learned about personal finance, how to save money in your 20's, what financial independence can look like, what a 401(k) is, and how to ask for a raise. I highly recommend this one to everyone because we can all benefit from learning a thing or two about money. 

5.) I know you want ones that are lifestyle and career-based, but let me recommend The Paleo Women Podcast to you.

Just in case you are ever curious or want to know more about natural skincare, nutrition, hormones, weight, or self-love, THIS is the show you should listen to. It says "Paleo" in their title, but Noelle and Stefani, the podcast hosts, do not solely talk about all. They preach self-worth, bio-individuality, lessening stress, and living in ways that work best for YOU. I'll never stop listening to this show as long as it's on the air. It has seriously inspired me so much to practice self-love and find the customized approaches to eating and exercising that function for me.  I think you'll really benefit from this podcast, too! Here it is. 

I hope this helps! For my friends who like podcasts, what are some of your favorites? I'm always looking for new ones to check out. 





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