The Argument Against Brunch



If I ever have to go to brunch (yes, have to, it’s never a first choice), I eat a full breakfast a few hours beforehand.


In my experience, people don’t like to eat brunch until 11 or 12, and by that point on a Saturday, I have exercised, finished a reading for my International Relations class, probably gone grocery shopping, and definitely have been hungry and wanted to eat.

My mornings are so precious, so fleeting, and I am obsessed with enjoying them to the utmost capacity. I’m happiest on the mornings when I can workout, spend some time walking outside (weather permitting), and accomplish a chore or a task on my to-do list. I love to feel productive by 12PM on a Saturday, and not feel like my day is just starting with some eggs and coffee once noon drags around.


Noon. That’s my lunchtime.

That’s the other problem with brunch. It clumps two meals into one! Who made that a thing?

I see the side of, “Well it’s great because then you can eat sooo much more food at one time”, but who actually feels fantastic after wolfing down a gigantic, stuff-your-face-with-bacon, pancakes, and a sandwich type of meal? I may feel stuffed to the core (literally), but I do not feel content or feel that perfect type of satisfied, like I do after my regular meals.

I want to be able to sit down to a meal at least three times every day. To me, this feels like I get to eat way more food, because breakfast and lunch are separated and happen at different times. Brunch messes up this ideal schedule.

Plus, I feel more balanced and checked in with my hunger cues. If I’m waiting until I’m starving and then devouring too much food in one sitting, I feel off-balance. I’d rather eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, and repeat.

Now, I understand that some simply are not morning people, and some love the idea of eating a ton of food at one time on lazy Saturdays & Sundays. And that is absolutely fine. You do your thing! We all have to find what makes us joyous and run with it.

Other people, however, may just like the idea of going out to a meal on a beautiful weekend morning, which I can totally vibe with. Want to take me out to breakfast? Fabulous. I’ll be ready at 8:00AM. 

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