Paleo Thoughts

This time one year ago, I believed that Paleo was the best, the greatest, the healthiest way to eat. I thought that others who didn’t eat this way were hurting themselves. While encouraging family members and any friends who would listen that this was the way we all should be eating, I preached that grains were bad, and that eating paleo would save me from all health problems. I refused to eat anything that wasn’t “Paleo-friendly”.

Well, I’ve come a long way since then. I have added various types of gluten-free grains back in (they work well for me!), enjoyed treats that are not at all Paleo, and maintained a dairy-free diet because this has proven to be best for my digestion. Most importantly, though, I’ve shifted my mentality — I no longer believe that Paleo is the only way to pursue health. Yes, for some people, the Paleo diet works best, and that’s awesome. For me, it was the catalyst I needed to kickstart a healthy diet & lifestyle, but it has not been the only way I’ve been able to achieve wellness. 

 For this realization and for my continuous experimentation with food, I am grateful. There will never be “one-size-fits-all” approach to health, and that is a beautiful thing.