The Moisturizer That Changed My Skin

There is nothing (nope, not even food) that I am more passionate about than skincare. For the past year, I've made it my mission to find the natural products and ingredients that work best for my skin, as well as others'. This past winter, I discovered this OSEA face moisturizer, and my "beauty" routine and skin quality have truly been changed for the better. 

One night after work on a cold February night, I went to a face mask party with Not Your Sugar Mamas (a raw chocolate company based on Martha's Vineyard) that was taking place at Follain on Beacon Hill.

 I'd never been to Follain, but as soon as I entered, I think I fell in love.  

Boston (and D.C. + Nantucket) friends: if you have any interest in skincare, specifically holistic, natural products, go to Follain! They offer a wide variety of safe, natural, and effective skincare brands. The women who work at the Beacon Hill location are so sweet, and I'm thankful to them for letting me ask tons of questions. They helped me find the PERFECT moisturizer for my skin, which is what I want to talk about now. 

I had never heard of the brand, OSEA, until I visited Follain, but ohmygoodnessYOUGUYS.  This past winter, my skin was so dry, and I needed a moisturizer that was going to nourish my skin and improve the quality and smoothness of it. As I have combination skin, I also needed it to be not super thick and pore-clogging. I explained all of this to the Follain girls, and they recommended I try OSEA Atmospheric Protecion Cream

I tried it on my hands first, and I instantly loved how it smelled. OSEA uses minerals, seaweed, and algae from the sea in their products, and I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with the water and the ocean. 

What's even better is that this lotion contains shea butter and Vitamin E, which are extremely nourishing to the skin; my skin was much more protected from the harsh winter winds we have here in Boston because of this lotion. And no, this product is not "oil-free", but YES, my skin has stayed clear. In fact, I don't think the integrity and quality of my skin have ever been better. 

Texture-wise, the moisturizer itself is on the lighter side, which I like because: a.) it never feels like it's clogging the surface of my face, and b.) it has worked as a perfect transition moisturizer into the warmer months. 

After many months of using this product morning and evening, I've noticed significant improvements: my skin is much smoother and softer, and it doesn't get dry like it used to. I wish I had known about OSEA sooner -- now, I cannot wait to try more of their products. 

I recommend OSEA Atmosphere Protection to anyone looking to replace their current moisturizer with a natural, cruelty-free, and highly effective product. I'm not a dermatologist, but if you're like me and have somewhat oily, yet dry-in-the-winter skin, I'm guessing you'd do really well with this product! I'm not paid to say this at all -- I wholeheartedly, 100% believe that this is the best moisturizer I've ever used for my skin. 

You can shop OSEA here. Enjoy, friends!