Seven Benefits of Meditation: A Beginner's Perspective

Seven Benefits of Meditation | Wholesomely Hannah
Seven Benefits of Meditation | Wholesomely Hannah

I'm definitely still a beginner, not an expert, at mediation, but I have come to really look forward to my 5 minutes of this practice in the morning. They truly help me throughout the day -- here's how: 

1.) I experience less stress in my daily life — especially when I’m in a crowd of people, or have a lot of work to get done. To add to this, I rarely stress/emotionally-eat anymore because I no longer have a reason to. 

2.) I have an easier time centering myself when I feel unbalanced and off, overall, my daily composure and temper have drastically improved. 

3.) I'm less nervous before speaking in front of a group of people, or giving a presentation. 

4.) I maintain a more well-rounded perspective. Throughout the day, I’m able to think clearly and calmly, which leads me to think with more compassion and understanding for others and myself. 

5.) I am less anxious before tests -- now, I know that breathing deeply just three times before looking at the test questions WORKS and helps me succeed on my exams. 

6.) I have clearer, more awake mind in the early morning. Instead of starting the mornings while looking at social media, texts, & emails on my phone, I now begin it with 5 minutes of tranquil awareness with my eyes closed. 

7.) I have an easier time achieving my small and large goals! Sometimes, I’ll meditate just by focusing on breathing. Other times, though, I’ll meditate to a one-word mantra or compelling phrase, particularly when I want to accomplish something that I think I need a little of the Universe's help with.