Honey Face Mask


Most mornings, I use honey to wash my face...and I don't mean the liquid-y product that comes in a bear-shaped jar. I'm talking about unprocessed honey, like this one, and this one, which is called Manuka honey. Raw honey is very therapeutic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory for our skin. It is a gentle exfoliant, and it has been found to help heal wounds/repair tissue, as well as reduce breakouts, irritation, acne scarring/hyper-pigmentation (over time), and redness. This kind of honey is so beneficial to the skin because it is completely unprocessed, which means that all of its minerals, antioxidants, healing properties, and nutrients are unadulterated and present.  From personal experience, I've noticed that my skin is less oily/red and much softer than when I'd use foaming cleansers (such as Clinique or Cetaphil). Here's how I do it! It's super simple. 

Honey Face Mask


1 -2 teaspoons of raw honey 


1.) Apply the honey to a (dry, not wet) face, and let it sit for 10 minutes or more

2.) Then, wash it off with a warm face cloth