My Past Perspective on Healthy Eating

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset I used to think that "healthy eating" meant eating the cleanest, most Paleo-esque diet possible. For those with various health concerns, it has been proven that eating strictly Paleo can drastically improve their conditions. For others, eating a rigid diet may actually provide them a lot of freedom. We are all different in how we look at food & how we use food to be happy and achieve goals.

What I realize now, though, was that for ME, being very strictly Paleo was not the healthiest habit. I was in a perpetual cycle of binging on almond butter and extra dark chocolate and then feeling bad about it because these were the only treats that I allowed myself to have while following Paleo. I didn't recognize how UN-healthy my eating habits had become until now.

 Now, as I approach a new year (I'll be 20 on Sunday!), I enjoy a variety of gluten-free grains -- quinoa, oats, rice. I eat dairy-free cookies without knowing all of the ingredients on worthy occasions. I allow myself to drink a locally-made, sugary lemonade on a hot summer day like today. Why? Because I know my body and know I'm not going to have an adverse reaction. Because my mentality surrounding food has drastically gotten healthier since enjoying treats again and allowing grains back into my diet. Because I freaking feel like it. The end. 

Cheers to Friday, loves!