Hard Work Pays Off

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset This morning, I finished a really huge part of a really gigantic project: finalizing the draft of the official 2020 customer care playbook. I never thought I would be so passionate & work so hard on an operations/process manual, but it's been my baby for the past six months (thank you to Lyndsay for drafting many of these templates!), and now it's a few edits away from being finished. To see my supervisor so excited and hear her say how proud she is of me made all of the tedious work, long hours, & constant changes incredibly worth it.

 Hard work, for whatever you are trying to achieve, pays off. I knew this before, but I was reminded of it in a significant way today.

And now the Universe has blessed us with the WEEKEND! We made it, friends. I'm celebrating with some locally-made Salted Caramel vegan icecream. Amen.