Sunday Morning Pancakes


As much as I love to cook, I've never been great at making pancakes. Actually, I am quite terrible at it. Impatience dominates my ability to wait for the griddle to heat up, my flips are sloppy, and the homemade recipes that I've concocted yield dry, burnt cakes. My sweet, poor family members (who pretend to enjoy the finished product) and I are never truly pleased. 


Enter Among Friends: a gluten-free baking company that has recently saved me (and the fam) from future, saddening pancake mishaps -- ones that often result in hanger and a messy stovetop.


Papa Tom's Pancake Mix smells like a bakery that is brimming with fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins. The cakes were super easy to flip + cook -- even for someone like me, who is highly challenged in that department.  The mix is customizable and build-able. The ingredients that you have to add to the mix are milk, butter, and eggs, OR you can use non-dairy substitutes. I used coconut oil, almond milk, and eggs.  As of now, I haven't tested to see if you can use vegan egg replacements, but I think it would be possible. Next time I make a batch, I want to experiment with adding chocolate chips and bananas slices to the batter. Noms. 

As surprising as this may be, I did not end up eating the entire stack of pancakes. Instead, I enjoyed a few, shared some with Madison, and froze the rest. Now, when I want one, I can warm it up in the toaster or the microwave and voila! Pancakes on a weekday will be SERVED. 

You can check out Among Friends' mixes here. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday -- rest up for the week ahead! It's going to be a great one. 

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P.S. This post isn't sponsored. I had a great experience with Among Friends, and I'm definitely going to buy some of their mixes the next time I'm in Target (which will probably be, like, next week TBH).