Oh college, you throw me for a loop.

As a freshman (who had just been transplanted into Boston from Greece), I hated Northeastern University. My exposure to a lack of a community and the freezing weather made me despise my first semester on campus. I applied to small, liberal arts colleges around New England last spring, and I came very close to transferring to one of them. However, I decided to stick the Boston thing out for one more year. Well. I am not sure if coming to Northeastern was the best choice I’ve ever made, but choosing to stay absolutely was.

I am inexplicably thankful for my Greece friends, the inspiring women in the Epsilon Mu chapter of Chi Omega, the @wholesomelyhannah/foodie community that grows bigger every day, and especially for 2020 On-site Optometry and the Northeastern Cooperative Education Program for giving me the most exciting, challenging, and empowering work experience I’ve ever had. I am going to miss my 2020 family so much!

It is not easy transitioning to a gigantic city school that throws us to the wolves instead of offering any kind of adjustment support, but this city and these experiences are worth it. I could not be more grateful. Here's to three more years of pure nonsense.