E Y E B R O W S.

E Y E B R O W S at Jennie Fresa Brow & Beauty Bar |Wholesomely Hannah  

"Eyebrows speak louder than words."

As a college student living in Boston, I like to live as cheaply and effectively as possible. The small nail shop down the road from my city apartment does brow waxing for $11, so this has become my go-to place. What I've come to notice, however, is that my eyebrows tend to revert back to their original, kind-of-messy shape after a few days. For me, this makes the cheap brow trip a bit of a waste. Once in Connecticut for the summer, I headed down to a highly recommended  brow destination (thanks so much, the-e-list!), Jennie Fresa Brow & Beauty Bar


While not 11 bucks, getting my brows done with Jennie was an excellent investment. She used all natural ingredients & oils (including lavender and Vitamin E) to soothe the skin around my brows both before and after waxing. The wax itself was warm, as opposed to scorchingly hot, and it didn't hurt at all. I've never had symmetrical brows, but Jennie had the talent to turn them from "cousins" into "sisters". This was exciting! 

Cooling, calming globes were then applied to relieve some areas of inflammation on my skin. I have a super sensitive face, and the places around my brows (that are typically red & a little bumpy for days post-wax) were nowhere near as affected this timeThis is how brows should be treated -- the two of them are such significant parts of our faces! 

E Y E B R O W S. | Wholesomely Hannah

The beauty bar itself is decorated in coral & pink; complimentary cucumber water gives the place a spa-like feeling; and chemical-free makeup, brow essentials, sunscreen, and skincare travel necessities are for sale. Jennie & her team are sweet, caring, and evidently passionate about beauty care. This was a much different experience than when I go to the nail salon in Boston, and they wax my brows (in three minutes flat) while I sit in a pedicure chair. 

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P.S. It's been over a week since I visited the beauty bar, and the shape of my brows is still exactly intact. AND, I've already scheduled my appointment for next month. Thank you, Jennie! 

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