Dear Dear JUGOS,

It was a freezing, windy Sunday in March (the first day of Spring, to be exact) when I found your hole-in-the-wall shop in Back Bay station. Even though it was bitter and raw, there was a line, extending far out the doorway, of anxious, excited people waiting to place their order. I dislike waiting time in lines, but I didn’t mind waiting in yours because it was moving quickly, there was Spanish music blasting behind the counter, and I got to read YOUR MENU for the first time. Oh. My. Goodness.




























Since starting this health journey about two years ago, I have not been to any sort of eatery where, if I wanted to, I could eat every single item the restaurant offered. This was until I entered JUGOS.

Chia pudding. Steel cut oats and chopped mango. Cold brew coffee with cashew milk & cinnamon. Vibrant, freshly juices pressed with  kale, lemon, and apples. Spinach, raspberry, and banana smoothies blended with dates and nut milk (plus the option to add cacao powder, figs, and/or hemp seed protein).

In other words, legitimate heaven.

As I read through your menu, picked out what I wanted to order, and peeked behind the counter to see how you were crafting the incredible smoothies, dairy-free puddings, and juices, I felt as though I was in my own kitchen. Your little shop felt like a home to me, a safe place where I could find a delicious, allergen-friendly bite to eat. For this, I am thankful.  














Thank you for making me feel like a kid in a candy store, and for helping me to further my passion for the healing powers and positive vibes of real, whole foods. You are a gem.

JUGOS, muchísimas gracias por hacer los mejores batidos en la ciudad. Estáis contribuir a un gran movimiento de salud y comida; durante mi tiempo en Boston, es muy probable que yo visitará JUGOS cada semana. Gracias, y hasta pronto.