Commuting to Co-op

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Okay. Boston is a 100% completely different city in the winter and in the summer. To take advantage of these beautiful, sunny, and warm mornings, I've been changing up my commute almost every day. Some days, I'll get right on the T after the gym like normal. Others (like today), I use my commute as a form of exercise. I LOVE walking. After I ate my blueberry oats, I took a 30 minute walk to a farther away T stop. It was peaceful & glorious because I took side streets and stared in awe at the gorgeous brownstone apartments.

I am grateful that my commute is versatile because these little morning adventures brighten my day so much. Last summer, my internship's commute involved sitting in traffic for 45 minutes, so this whole Boston thing is ten times better ☺️

Happy Hump Day, friends!! Let's find the little things that we love about today & make it a fab day.