Bikini Diet Tips?

⚡️"BIKINI DIET TIPS: it's not too late! stars share simple tricks to tone up fast." This type of magazine cover is not something I am a fan of.  It's one small piece of evidence that demonstrates just how much we are taught to believe that we should change, push, & stress our bodies in order to be happy, confident, & socially acceptable. Logically, however, when all societal factors are stripped away, it is much easier to simply love the body that we have been given, nourish it with real & whole foods, move it in ways that we like, and know that we are perfect the way that we are. This is not knowledge that the media & big fitness companies teaches us (if they did, they would risk losing clients & money), and it can be hard for us to learn self-love & acceptance.

Any company, program, or magazine that tries to promote that we need to change and, for women, "tone up" and become smaller in order to look & feel good in our bodies is upsetting.

I think we have all grown with these types of influences, and while the positive body image movement is growing, factors like these magazines are still popular and are affecting both girls & women.

I know it can be really challenging to do, especially with bathing suit season upon us, but I encourage all of us to practice self-love, whether that be in the form of feeding our bodies delicious & healthy food, exercising however we enjoy, saying daily mantras like, "I am absolutely, positively amazing & beautiful." (because you ARE), or getting rid of societal pressures, like these types of media outlets, that try to tell us that we are not good enough the way that we are and that we should "tone up". First of all, as Steph Gaudreau  says, 'toning is for printers'. Not people. Second, you are a gorgeous, healthy, breathing, exercising, eating, and glorious person, right here, right now.

Now excuse me while I go eat a bunch of chocolate (dear Alter Eco, your stuff is DELISH) and throw out this magazine. Hope you're all having a nice day; love you people! 

BIKINI DIET TIPS? No thanks. | Wholesomely Hannah