I can't believe I go back to Boston in just a few short weeks. I adore living at home because I can drive a vehicle to the grocery store, eat dinner with my fam most nights of the week, and feel more relaxed now that I don't hear sirens & cars honking every time I leave the house. However, I am excited to return for my third year in the city.  Until then, here are some of my favorite school supplies that stretch beyond pens, pencils, and graphing calculators. I think one of the reasons we all enjoy school shopping so much is that it gives us an opportunity  to buy everything & anything at paper stores. Target and Staples are my go-tos; what about you? 

1.) Notebook  - I love a cute journal that I can litter with my to-do lists. I make so many lists every day and write down all that I need to get done. That works well for me! 

2.) Planner - I've been using an Erin Condren one on-and-off all year. I think it's adorable, but I've learned that I do lot better with having my calendar on my computer & phone (re: iCal). For anyone who loves a good planner, though, this one from Rifle Paper Co. and this one from are precious. 

3.) tech21 iPhone 6/6s phone case - My friend Emily told me about this phone case. I have not looked back since. It's made with NASA technology, or something crazy like that. Whatever it is, it has saved my phone a number of times. Grab it here

4.) Nalgene 32-oz. narrow-mouth bottle - Okay. I know that everyone is super obsessed with those Swell bottles right now, but I got this one the other day because I enjoy carrying around a huge jug of water. It was the best 11 bucks I've spent in a while. There's something about the security of always having enough water with me that makes me happy. PLUS, most Nalgenes that I've seen are the wide-mouth style, but this one is so much easier to drink out of. Hooray for it being BPA-free, too! 

5.) MacBook Pro computer case I used to use Speck for my computer cases. That was until two years ago, when I found Kuzy on Amazon. This Kuzy case is cheaper and more durable than the Speck ones that my mom, sister, and I have tried. It's lasted me 2+ school years (and counting). 

That's a wrap for now, friends! What are some of YOUR off-the-cuff school essentials?