A Merry Roommate Friends-giving

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! This past weekend, the roommates and I finally all did an activity together (it feels like we're always busy our own things): we had a Turkey Day celebration! It ended up being such a wonderful Saturday night, and I'm glad that we were able to do it.

 Here was our menu! 

Here was our menu! 

Before cooking began on Saturday, the four of us took a trip to the GIANT, spectacular Whole Foods in the South End to stock up on the necessary ingredients. We don't usually shop at Whole Foods, but this event was a celebration, and we were going BIG. Obviously. How could we not? 

The most fun (NOT) part of this grocery trip for me was when my roommates made me bike home. Yeah no. I don't do the bicycle thing. I'll go to any spins class you want me to, but I'm scared of biking. Don't ask me why. I like (power)walking because I have full/easy control over where I go and not getting hit by a car. When I'm on a bike, I feel as though a smidge of that control is lost.

So I finally get on this bicycle after much convincing by my friends, and I fall off right away because the seat is way too high. Real cute, right? After this, Sara helped me lower the seat (to the lowest level possible -- oh yeah), and we were off. 

The South End's dimly lit streets and endless, stunning brownstones actually made for a peaceful, enjoyable ride home, though, and in retrospect, I am glad the girls made me get on the bicycle. It's too soon to tell if I'll do it again in the near future, but I'll keep you posted. 

Once we were safely off the bicycles and back inside our apartment, I turned on the music, Rae hopped on the fire escape to scoop out the pumpkin, Meghan popped popcorn, and Sara preheated the oven -- it was TIME to cook the feast. 

We made everything on our menu that we had intended to and more -- while in Whole Foods, we had the idea to create a charcuterie board to go with our appetizers. We felt so adult-like! 

I can truly say that I enjoyed everything -- from the cranberry sauce, to the soup, to the Brussels (I mean, obvi those) we made for this meal. What was even better, though, was the company. It was so refreshing to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast without the small-talk chatter that typically happens at holiday meals: "what's your major?", "what do you want to do?". (Honestly, that might be one of the most flustering parts of being a student -- having to answer questions like those!)


This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for many, many things -- the opportunity to move to California for a 6-month internship come January, Trader Joe's, dark chocolate, yoga, a healthy relationship with food and exercise; family & close friends; good health, a college education, safety/security, and these lovely roommates (Meghan, Sara, and Rae) who I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with this past Saturday. They're the kind of roommates who I can depend on to do their weekly chore and keep the apartment clean (seriously GOD BLESS), but also the kind that I can enjoy such a fun feast with. I love my people.


And I love you all! Thank you for reading; I hope you have the most joyous day today.