Kale on Instagram, Perfection, and You

life is not always glittering with Bulletproof coffee and the sweat from a morning CorePower Yoga class, topped with a chopped kale + cilantro + avocado salad with vegan almond cheese and a Gingerade kombucha on the side, followed by a deep meditation, a 'relaxing' evening jog around the park, and a swig of freshly brewed turmeric nut milk. Hell no. That last item alone costs much more than the federal, hourly minimum wage. 

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Choose to Celebrate // Happy March!

Want to celebrate in March with me? Do it! Focus on a few areas of your life that you either dislike or don’t give a lot of attention to, and find specific aspects of them that you actually can appreciate and be thankful for. Being grateful creates more happiness in our lives because, if we focus on the positive components, we’ll attract more of them.

Hi! I'm a Sugar Addict: Whole30 Day Three

It's 11AM on a Tuesday. It's raining out. I feel tired and groggy, even though I slept for eight hours. I've had an evil, pounding headache for the past two days. I want almond butter. And the sweet, sweet dates that are right over there in the dried fruit section of my workplace's kitchen. I want to put a whole bunch of almond butter on the date and throw chocolate chips and some maple syrup on top. Oh, and maybe some fresh raspberries. I think my headache is getting worse. 

Your Favorite Posts from 2016!

After looking at Wholesome's analytics from 2016, it appears that enjoy the non-food-related, lifestyle-centric posts the most! To be truthful, this is really exciting for me; while I love and will continue to develop gluten & dairy-free recipes on a regular basis for you, my favorite posts to produce are the lifestyle articles which seek to inspire and empower you to become better. Also, if you'd like to see something on the blog that you don't yet, let me know! My favorite job ever is helping you become your best self. 

Medicare, Wet Sneakers, and Las Vegas

What I did not know at this reception in Scottsdale, Arizona was that touring the American southwest with my family and 35 Senior Citizens would turn out to be one of the most spectacular trips of my 20-year-old life.