PROTEIN POWDERS  NuZest (affiliate) this protein has the cleanest ingredient label, hands down. It's also pretty low in calories and high in protein, if that's something of interest to you. I don't like their vanilla that much, but I really enjoy the chocolate and the cappuccino flavors. This protein bakes super well (in oatmeal and cookies), and it makes overnight oats thick and tasty. The flavor of this protein is not super overpowering; you can definitely still taste the other ingredients in the smoothie/oats, which is what I like. For 15% off your first order with NuZest, feel free to use the code 'wholesomehannah' at checkout.

Vega (affiliate) : I switch back & forth between Vega protein and NuZest all of the time. I prefer the NuZest chocolate flavor, but I love how Vega products incorporate two to four servings of veggies.  Vega makes their proteins  super creamy and flavorful. I love Vega Sport, as well as Vanilla Vega One